Software Release Management

Tailored to your chosen SDLC

At Dataworks we oversee the development, testing, deployment and support of software releases post “go-live”.  We cover all aspects of release management and tailor it to the Systems Development Life Cycle favoured by our clients.

Many clients chose to use the Dataworks SDLC for their Software Release Management. Our process is a hybrid of Agile and the traditional deliverables required in an FDA regulated environment. It has proven to be a very cost effective and compliant process for managing software releases in the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors.

As Release Management is a key component in the management of software it has become more challenging for organisations to control as they adopt Agile software development methodologies leading to increased numbers of releases.

We can provide a release management service to our clients that suits their chosen SDLC:

  • Software Build Generation

  • Release Notes

  • Installation scripts including Database object installations

  • Technical documentation

  • Training for business users and IT staff


Contact us if you would like our team to manage your software releases.




We provide a flexible Build and Release Management service to our clients catering for the automatic generation of builds where an Agile SDLC is in place, and the traditional build management for companies who adopt traditional release management.

Our Release Management service includes the promotion of software builds from development to validation environments and into the production environment on completion of software validations. It covers major software revision changes and the promotion of minor releases, in the form of minor defect fixes, which form part of our Business as Usual service requests.

We can deliver the following as part of our Build & Release Management service:

  • Software Release Management

  • Liaising with the business to prioritise releases and the software fixes and modifications to be included in major and minor releases

  • Keeping all environments in sync (development, validation and production)

  • Optimisation of test and validation environment

  • Control of all activities through the release stages from development to production environments

  • Continuous review of the release process to ensure it part of a continuous improvement cycle

  • Maintenance of release policies and procedures


Contacts us if you would like more information on the Software Release Management Service we provide.