Operational KPIs cover a multitude of data sources and data types:

  • Database Vs OPC
  • Transactional Vs Time Series
  • Who is best placed to identify opportunities for improvement ?
  • Value Stream Managers, Line Supervisors and Line Operators
  • Why are these valuable resources rarely empowered to do their job better ?
  • Why do they spend so much time running reports from different systems and then resorting to Excel to understand how they are doing ?



One system, with one view of how you are performing against YOUR KPIs is the key enabler to Operations led improvements.


KPIWorks provides end users with a real time view of their KPI’s at an asset level in operational time buckets including hour, shift, day etc.

The KPI driven dashboard provides a live scoreboard with colour coded graphics and alerts in real time enabling associates, supervisors and value stream managers to view actual performance against target.

This decision support tool empowers operational, quality and engineering staff to influence metrics in real time, make informed decisions and identify opportunities for Continuous Improvement.

This web based solution can transform the organisations visual management strategy by supporting deployment on any screen, including mobile, to any area in your organisation.




KPIWorks supports connectivity to multiple data sources such as MES applications, ERP systems, Building Management Systems and Automation through industry standards such as OPC and ODBC.
The raw data is collected in real time, aggregated and normalised in the KPI Data model, which also supports the configuration of assets, targets and shift patterns.
The transformed data is then visualised in our configurable dashboard using a library of KPI symbols and charts to provide a colour coded and easy to interpret KPI scoreboard.
The web based system can be deployed on any device and supports cross platform mobile devices.
KPIWorks is a very flexible and scalable product from both the data source connectivity perspective and the front end technologies it supports including:



Clients who have implemented KPIWorks have achieved significant improvements across all KPI’s. A recent project delivered a 7% improvement across the clients Value Stream and yielded an ROI in excess of 205%.

In addition to the metric improvements clients have experienced the following benefits:

  • Greater empowerment among associates enabling them to make correct decision on a daily basis.
  • Significant Time Saving - Team leaders can now focus more on leadership than on collecting and collating data.
  • Operational Excellence and Engineering teams now have actionable information to help drive process improvements.
  • Key enabler for the growth of a Continuous Improvement culture.
  • Reduction in Non Conformances and Corrective Actions.
  • A new way of doing business – ensuring the customer is getting the right product on time every time.




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