Our Process

We have refined our software development life cycle and created a unique process that allows us to meet, and often exceed, our customers’ requirements by delivering superior solutions on time and within budget. This process brings together the best of Agile methodologies while also ensuring compliance with Regulatory bodies.


At Dataworks we enable the perfect hybrid of configurable off-the-shelf toolsets and custom software development to deliver innovative solutions to match our clients specific business process requirements. We work closely with every client and become a flexible part of their team, both on and off site, allowing us to understand their problems and define the most effective solutions for them.


With 20 years’ experience delivering into highly regulated sectors our process enables us to adhere to an Agile methodology, while also fulfilling the requirements of environments often subjected to the rigours of regulatory audits.


Phase 1: Problem Definition



Our development team works in partnership with the client to ensure we fully understand their challenges and business environment. We bring our extensive experience and business acumen to bare to ensure that we fully understand the true business need.



Phase 2: Construction & Validation


At this phase of the process we engage our innovation team to ensure that we consider all suitable options and ultimately identify the most effective solution for our client. As with the previous phase there is heavy engagement with the customer and several documentation deliverables in adherence with regulatory requirements. The construction steps in this phase are based on the Agile methodology, and as each development iteration is concluded, we initiate a further validation sprint.



Phase 3: Implementation & Impact Assesment



A key element of the implementation phase is the technology transfer to the customer and the provision of training to several groups within the organisation including user, technical and functional training. A full project review is conducted to determine whether we have delivered a solution which has addressed the business needs and met with our customers expectations. We also provide a full set of support options including fully outsourced Managed Maintenance.   



We Deliver. Consistently. 

We use our unique experience and expertise to deliver solutions using leading edge technology which are scalable and which add value for our clients.

From Start to Finish.

We redefine what is possible for each business system by understanding and integrating suitably tailored software that solves problems and delivers efficiency across multi-business platforms.

So our clients keep coming back.   


Contact Us today if you would like to discuss how we can apply our process to deliver results for your business.