Technologies Used

We pinpoint where our software applications can make a difference and deliver real benefits to your organisation.

Our experience and expertise enables us to rapidly configure solutions to match our clients specific business process requirements and ensures we are the best at what we do. This can only happen due to our extensive onsite experience in manufacturing & business environments, allowing us to fully understand each end-to-end process.

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We use Microsoft.NET technologies to enhance performance because it combines unprecedented developer productivity with performance, reliability, and deployment.



Microsoft XRM offers the ability to achieve bespoke functionality almost as quickly and cost effectively as some package solution prices.

It allows us to modify a CRM solution to create a clear picture of any key business relationship (customers, vendors, assets, suppliers or partners) from start to finish. It’s flexibility enables it to be leveraged in a wide variety of ways by different organisations.



Using the Iconics system we give companies access to the pulse of their manufacturing process.

We develop Manufacturing Intelligence solutions which translate real time manufacturing data from the shop-floor into actionable intelligence for decision makers at the enterprise and business levels.

We develop Manufacturing Execution Systems — solutions to measure and control activities in the production areas of organizations, increasing productivity.



This platform allows us to build an application for you and host it in the Microsoft Datacentre. We manage all your upgrades, the availability of the system and scalability for multiple users.





SPC is becoming an ever increasing key component in a company’s mission to become LEAN and achieve continuous improvement.

Dataworks combine Six Sigma techniques and technology to help our companies eliminate waste and reduce variability in their processes. Win SPC is a key Windows based technology platform which enables Dataworks to apply technology in a way which can identify the path to improvement for our Clients.



With the importance of mobile computing, and the need to access information anywhere and make informed decisions remotely, Dataworks have developed several business transforming applications for our customers on the Windows Phone platform.

This enables us to deliver integrated solutions which encompass desktop, web and mobile clients.