Automated Testing

Leverage Automated Testing to Reduce Validation of Modification and Enhancements

Automated Testing reduces the effort required to revalidate a system when changes have been made. It also helps to ensure a greater coverage of sub-unit and unit testing in subsequesnt releases of the software. 




Unit Testing (UT)

Implemented on applications that are intended to have a medium to long term life span allowing for earlier detection of regression bugs. Our clients can be assured that their applications are running within required parameters by implementing UT as a part of the application. 

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)

The "gold pated" approach that ties Unit Tests to our client’s requirements. BDD gives us a language that is close enough to programming that it can tie into tests and close enough to English that business users can read it. 

Automated User Interface Testing (UIT)

Is applied to those User Interface Interactions that require manual testing. We can offer a coded UI solution to clients who wish to automate this type of testing allowing them to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on these tests and allowing for better results.


To ensure all requirements are tested to the appropriate level and that all relevant documentation is produced we follow our redefined software development life cycle

Contact Us if you would like the Dataworks team to help you determine which method of Automated Testing is best suited to your application and environment.