Data Integrity

More and more life science companies are implementing automation and software systems to achieve compliance and operational excellence including Electronic Batch Record Systems, Data Historians that capture critical to quality parameters, Lab Information Management Systems, and many more.

The Integrity of the data stored in these systems is a key foundation for Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies. ALCOA+ is the commonly used acronym for DI – Attributable, Legible, Contemporaneous, Original, Accurate. The additional elements are Complete, Consistent, Enduring & Available.



Its also important to look at the Data Lifecyle and Data Process Mapping e.g. Process Automation Systems, Data Historian, Batch Records.

Our  DI Qualified Specialists assist companies with:

  • Data Integrity Assessments

  • Remediation Plans – for both systems and validation packages

  • Data Process Mapping

  • Data Governance

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